About Dominik Wantuch

I am dedicated to facilitating your entry into the Polish market. At Architecture of Sales, my team and I are committed to enhancing your visibility and boosting sales in Poland through the following strategies:
  1. Market Validation Activities - We conduct comprehensive market research, analysis, SWOT assessments, competitor evaluations, and direct customer interviews to validate your market approach.
  2. Lead Generation - Utilizing both outbound and inbound methods, including various Sales Development Representative (SDR) prospecting techniques, we generate high-quality leads to drive your sales pipeline.
  3. Sales and Marketing Support - Acting as your local sales and marketing department, we adeptly represent your brand to customers, providing comprehensive support to strengthen your market position.
  4. Business Partner Identification - Whether identifying a local partner or developing an effective affiliate program, we assist in establishing valuable collaborations to optimize your market presence.
While our primary focus is on B2B SaaS companies, we are also open to collaborating with hardware-selling enterprises. For instance, we have successfully sold SaaS solutions, including ERP systems, to diverse sectors such as manufacturing, construction, retail, IT, HR, and EHS management.
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