VITS provides a Employee Health and Safety platform for small and medium companies. Mostly Manufacturers, Retail and Logistic companies. They wanted to validate the Polish market to check if there is a market for their solution in Poland. During this time VITS had dozens of customers in Estonia, and they were focused on expansion to other countries.

Our main goals was to provide them the feedback from customers and conduct the full sales process including demo presentations.


Together with the client we agreed that we would start from the outreach activities to check how customers react to their solutions. After the first 10 demos we had the feedback that main problem for customers is English language of the platform. Demo customers also said that they haven’t identified themselves with solutions arguing that EHS rules are totally different in Estonia than in Poland (that wasn’t true). To keep market validation on a good level customer decided to conduct the ASK campaign and survey. We collected over 15 interviews with ICP and also 26 responses from the survey (only using organic activities).

Actions taken

After customer translated the demo. We were asked to start the digital marketing activities and SEO activities for the keywords related to the EHS Application / Software. Also customer give us a target for providing and conduct the 10 demo meetings per month. We achieved this goal in every month of our cooperation for the 6 months. After it when the first customer signed the agreement with VITS. VITS decided to hire dedicated country manager in Poland. We support this manager for the next two weeks by providing 10 demo meeting every month and by keeping activities related to the SEO and digital marketing.


As a results we provided such a numbers to customer:

  • Over 60 conducted demos
  • Over 80 provided leads that met ICP requirements.
  • 3 signed customers
  • Top 3 place for the main three keywords in Google.
  • Positions in top 10 for a lot of other keywords.
  • We increased traffic from zero to 1000+ UU/month.
Google traffic
Executive, VITS