the story behind our company

We are Polish Boutique Lead Generation agency 

Our office is located in Gdańsk Poland. We consists mainly from Sales Development Representatives that have already a good experience on various number of industries.

In our regular jobs we have worked with a number of startups that were expanding their services to Poland, but couldn’t find a good guidance and how-to.

We found ourselves as a great help to those companies that are trying establish themselves in the Polish market.

We’ve helped a wast numbers of companies with finding the first customers or business partners in Poland.


Our Team

We are a experienced team of B2B Sales and Marketing specialists from Poland. We have work with huge amount of industry. Altogether we have over 30 years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing.

We’ve done a lead generation for many companies in every different industries. We know that every project is different and require individual methods.

Dominik Wantuch
Dominik WantuchCEO
I have worked for 13 years in sales and marketing positions in technology companies. I have strong experience with Saas and IT services in the CEE market.

In my spare time I am a big fan of kitesurfing.

Krzysztof Salwarowski
Krzysztof SalwarowskiSales Development Representative
I have 4 years of experience in sales, lead generation, and e-commerce, with a focus on working with B2B clients.

I speak Polish, English and basic Danish. Photography lover.

Jeremi B
Jeremi BSEO Specialist
I have 8+ years of experience working as a SEO specialist, managing Polish and English websites. I have also worked in the affiliate marketing and in e-commerce fields.

I love shooting with my camera, playing some tennis and exploring the world.

Expand your business to poland

Poland is one of fastest growing economies in Europe.