the story behind our company

We work remotely from Gdańsk, Poland.

In our regular jobs we have worked with a number of startups that were expanding their services to Poland, but couldn’t find a good guidance and how-to. We found a niche and we are trying to help companies establish themselves in the Polish market quickly and at a fair rates.

Our Team

We are a couple of dudes from Poland, but we also work closely with a number of contractors from all over.

Dominik Wantuch
Dominik WantuchBusiness Development Manager
I help startups enter the Polish B2B market | Kitesurfing enthusiast
Jeremi B.
Jeremi B.SEO Specialist
I have 7+ years of experience working as a SEO specialist managing Polish and English websites. I have also worked in the affiliate marketing and in e-commerce.

I love my camera, playing some tennis and exploring the world.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

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Expand your business to poland

Poland is one of fastest growing economies in Europe.