Lead generation services for B2B channel

A successful deal often begins with the initial meeting with a potential customer. Our lead generation services aim to provide you with as many meetings as possible with your Ideal Customer Profile.

We do that by assigning you a dedicated Sales Development Representative. This person will handle all the outreach activities, such as cold calling and sending cold messages, to arrange the meetings for you with Polish companies.

You are in a good place because all our employees speak native Polish and English. All our staff have a good understanding and expertise in the local market, and our database of Polish leads and companies grows from month to month.

We provide meetings with your prospects in Poland

We represent you in Poland by assigning to you a dedicated Sales Development Representative

What makes us different from a regular marketing agency is that we assign you a dedicated Polish Sales Development Representative. This person is responsible for your project and will be your sales representative in Poland. A Sales Development Representative handles all outreach activities to arrange as many meetings as possible for you.

Sales Development Representatives does the activities like:

  • Cold calling

  • Cold mailing

  • Networking

  • Social selling

What do you get in a service?

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We offer two types of lead generation services in Poland

Basic lead generation

This service involves assigning a dedicated Sales Development Representative to your project. This individual arranges meetings with leads that fit your Ideal Customer or Partner Profile (we will schedule a demo according to your availability as noted in your calendar). Typically, we use Calendly because it’s user friendly and saves a significant amount of time.

Once prospects attend the meeting, our responsibilities are concluded.

In this service, you will receive:
1. Demo meetings.
2. Information about your customers , including details on individuals attending the meetings and company data.
3. Weekly reporting meeting.
4. Monthly activity reports.

Lead generation with active support

This operates similarly to lead generation however, in addition, the Sales Development Representative participates in every meeting to assist you and your customers or partners with communication, meeting notes, and follow ups We also handle all aspects of sales coordination.

In this service, you will receive:
1. Demo meetings meetings.
2. Information about your customers , including details on individuals attending the meetings and company data.
3. Language support.
4. Notes from the meetings.
5. Follow-ups.
6. Reports on feedback from your partners/prospects prospects.
7. Weekly reporting meetings.
8.Monthly reports on activities.

The process of cooperation

  • 30-45 minutes interview with you. During the call we will understand your goals, objectivities and business model

  • We will prepare the proposal for you, including the schedule of activities

  • The 2nd meeting to discuss the details
  • Signing an agreement

  • Onboarding – preparing Ideal Partner Profile, Market value proposition, Process of Partnership and communications

  • Start of activities – cold calling, mailing, social selling and networking

  • Weekly reporting

Onboarding! What do we need from you to start looking for customers?

Before we start doing our job we have to receive from you all the information about your company, product, existing customers, case studies, materials etc. After it we start with a free of charge onboarding during that we will discuss with you:

Companies who have trusted us

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I am very grateful to my agent Dominik in Poland, who has been instrumental in helping me connect with different architect companies and provide support with the consolidation process. He has been professional, responsive, and reliable throughout our collaboration. He has always gone the extra mile to ensure that my needs are met and that I am satisfied with the results. He has also been very knowledgeable and helpful in navigating the Polish market and regulations. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trustworthy and competent partner in Poland.

Madis Avi, Sirkel & Mall
Tarmo Adamson, Moderan

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When it’s good to use a Sales Development Representative agency?

If you want to start the process of entering a new market or validate a market. Using an agency, it would always be more cost-effective. You won’t need to spend money and time on the hiring process, providing licenses for sales software, providing equipment, office space, and salary. Altogether, hiring a new employee in a new market is an expensive and lengthy process, especially when you’re unsure if you’ll succeed in that market. Check out our blog article about compensation structure for sales agencies.

How much does it cost and why it’s worth it?

We work with a fixed fee model. You make a single payment and don’t have to worry about any additional costs.

Based on your goals, ideal customer profile, target industry, and requirements, we calculate the monthly effort required for your project.

Depending on your needs and the type of services – such as participation in meetings or conducting the entire sales process – we will add a success fee.

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