Exergio is a Lithuanian company, part of the City Service Engineering group. They provides the Energy-Saving platform for Building Management Systems (BMS). In Lithuania they sell directly to the customers , but in other countries they decided to sell by partnership network. In Poland they wanted to find a few business partners in BMS service providers that could re-sell their platform.

Our tasks

Our goal was to find business partners in Poland for Exergio, and help them establish the partnership relationship. We were responsible for lead generation and sales coordination for the whole partnership process. We’ve worked together for the 5 months on the Polish market. After that period Exergio asked us for providing services to the other markets like United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


We reached all the best and the biggest BMS providers in Poland. We use all the possible channels to contact Exergio’s Ideal Partner Profile. We have used LinkedIn, cold calling, and cold mailing. When we reached the contact we provided to Exergio the basic details of the company like the number of employees, description, localisation, and information about the person which whom we organised the meeting, after it we participate in the meeting, we noted all the important information, sent the summaries from the meeting, and keep the whole sales coordination by follow-ups, and organised next steps with partners.


As a result we provided around 25+ new companies, from which Exergio signed a 3 partnership agreements in Poland, and 9 is still in the negotiations stage.

Additional benefit was that we helped organized Exergio’s team visit in Poland and planned their trip to meet in person with all the interested companies.