Support with Sales in Poland

In our services, we can highlight two propositions for you: Sales Coordination and Full Sales Support. Both serve as excellent supplements to our lead generation services.

Sales coordination service

Sales coordination works exceptionally well if you offer a complex product or service, which necessitates meetings with customers. During these meetings, it’s common for you or your customer to require English-Polish language support, which we provide.

Beyond language support, we assist you with follow-ups, encouraging customers to progress to the next stage of the sales process. We also gather customer feedback and send it to you weekly. This helps you to always stay updated with your customers.

With this type of service, you receive a dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR) who is present at every meeting with your customers. After the meeting, the SDR provides you with minutes from the meeting and maintains communication with your customers until the deal is signed.

Sales support activities

Sometimes, your Ideal Customer Profile may not speak English, or you may have limited human resources, in which case outsourcing your sales activities would be beneficial.

In such scenarios, we can assist you by managing the entire sales process. We will handle all sales activities for you, from reaching out to the prospect and navigating through each step of your sales process until the deal is signed.

Naturally, this type of service comes with certain constraints. Your product or service should be easy to learn and understand. From our side, we would need your involvement for the initial few meetings to facilitate our learning.

What our clients say

Tarmo Adamson, Moderan